“The flower,
the whole flower,
and nothing but the flower
— Amen.”

The Highly was a cannabis editorial that existed between 2017 – 2020. Enjoy the archives.


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Sexual High: for everybody Part 01

Sexual High: for everybody Part 01 🌱

Sex and Cannabis + Why and What is Cannabis Lubrication: with Devan Anthony, Luminous Botanicals

22nd May 2020

I showed him a part of myself that’s rarely seen. He showed me a part of himself that was met with gratitude and appreciation. We traced the energy pathways until giving and receiving became the same. Our eyes connected as we joined in the center, and our souls became one. God said, “This is who you are when you’re ‘as love’ – sex is part of your well-being.”

Thinking of You, Thinking About it All

Thinking of You, Thinking About it All

by Nina Fern

25th Mar 2020

COVID-19 has clearly upended the world as we know it. The gravity of the situation is weighing on me, as are the new realities we’re about to face. That said, with a lot more time for reflection, I have been searching for silver linings. And one might quite simply be that living a more fundamental life may allow for more reflection and in the process a deeper level of clarity and purpose.

The Wisdom of Weed

The Wisdom of Weed

with John Bayes, Green Bodhi 

27th Jan 2020

John has been an endless source of cannabis teachings and leaves me with Buddhist wisdom to boot. A man of incredible kindness and great depth, John is not afraid to speak exactly what’s on his mind. I can learn with the luxury of not having to read between the politically correct lines. Enjoy.

Trip, trippin, tripped

Trip, trippin, tripped

by Nina 🍄

22nd Dec 2019

For weeks, I was prancing around this world, a carefree and joyful ballerina under the spell of a wonder drug. I was beyond infatuated with microdosing psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms) – I was in endless love. Then, without warning, I fell into the abyss. Literally. The seemingly deepest well on earth had taken prisoner of the ballerina, and she had no hope of escape.

Hemp Sweet Hemp: Building a Healthier Home with Hempcrete

with Anthony Néron, DuChanvre

20th Nov 2019

Here in U.S., stories that include pot in the walls generally don’t have a positive outcome. That’s not the case if you live in France where people are quite familiar with Hempcrete, and its many benefits…

Mind, Body, Sensimilla

The Class with Founder Taryn Toomey

3rd Nov 2019

The Class ends. Still in the zone, I’m gifted with Conner Youngblood singing and playing guitar. I sit there in a complete trance, soaking in the magic of music, no distractions to compete with my sense of peace. My mind is flooded with happy ‘highly’ epiphanies, reaffirming that the secret to being ‘well’ is a 360 approach.

Anecdotal Conversations: Cannabis Dependency

with Adie Rae PhD and Alice Moon

18th Oct 2019

“People are so excited that they get to consume cannabis that all other bets are off… and we have a huge responsibility and opportunity to make sure that we reduce harm. If we get the message out early and wisely enough, that is literally prevention.” — Adie Rae, PhD

Amsterdam: The Good Good 🌱

with Joa Helms from Green House

1st Oct 2019

“By taking younger people away from the dealers and providing them a safe environment, you help a community avoid a lot of bad things happening in the future. ” — Joa Helms, CEO Green House

Overachiever 🌱

by Manoela Saldanha

17th Sep 2019

I was the perfectly positioned overachiever: excelling at Trinity, one of NYC’s most rigorous private schools — well on my way of reaching my goal of getting into Columbia University. I thought I was thriving until the day I received my early acceptance letter. Burnout caught up to me accompanied by the darkest of thoughts. That’s when my search for inner peace began. This is my recovery story and where cannabis plays a role today.

Craft Cannabis: East Fork Cultivars

with Nathan and Aaron Howard 🌱

5th Sep 2019

Meet brothers’ Nathan and Aaron Howard from East Fork Cultivars. High on their list: climate change, sustainable practices, and nurturing happy employees. Check out the video below to hear the craft cannabis specialists discuss their passion for plants and sustainable practices, and to get their perspective on big weed and small farms.

Higher Etiquette: Cannabis Culture

with Lizzie Post 🌱

20th Aug 2019

I was in the third grade when my mom gave us three weeks of etiquette lessons from the famous Emily Post books. Lucky for us, Lizzie Post, the great-great granddaughter of Emily has kept the legacy alive with the Emily Post Institute on all topics from business, lifestyle, to weddings, and now cannabis with the latest book, Higher Etiquette.

The Last Prisoner Project

with Steve DeAngelo

8th Aug 2019

“Imagine being in a cell, looking out and seeing people build intergenerational wealth for doing exactly the same thing you’re locked up for. We will not rest and we will not stop until the last cannabis prisoner is set free.” — Steve DeAngelo, aka ‘Father of Cannabis’

The Best in Portland

Our List 🌱

23rd Jul 2019

Just like they did with craft beer, Portland has leapfrogged its sister states and owns the edible market — by far. The cannabis selection is still surprisingly small, perhaps limited by Portland’s trademark rainy weather conditions. Still, there’s a sense of true community and transparency that is unparalleled to any other cannabis city in the US and abroad.

Sister, Grow Your Own

Quality, Affordable Healthcare for All 💪

23rd Jul 2019

On New Years Eve, I showed up at my friend’s house armed with the ‘Rolex of Weed’ from San Francisco. Instead we shared my friend’s Lisa’s cannabis, grown on a NYC rooftop. It blew my ‘Rolex’ away. I’ve been obsessed with the grow-your-own movement ever since. Awed, inspired, and curious, I decided to track down an energetic OG grow-your-own practitioner–with a Humboldt County pedigree to boot. 🖤 Nina

Social Media

Is the backlash through newsletters? 🔥

23rd Jul 2019

If you listen to the world there are certain rhythms that are predictable. Fall, learn, grow. Fall, learn, grow. If you do your part correctly, you’ll be sprinkled with magic. That’s the trick. You have to be 100 percent sincere with your intention, or you will not get the magic. That’s the problem with social media.